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travelling along the ridge above us, and the Crows
did not know this; for they were taken by surprise
when they came riding down upon them. As
they assailed the Crows from their left. White Dog
and our chief raced around the edge of the cut-
bank and struck them on their right. The Crows
were willing to fight it out3 but their horses were
not. They became frightened at the gun-fire,
and their riders having no bridles to hold them in,
they began to buck. They bucked and swapped-
ends in all directions, as the Crows tried to level
their muzzle-loaders and fire at us. The Crows
fought bravely, but aiming and shooting and rid-
ing a bucking horse at the same time proved too
much for them; and one by one they were thrown
to the ground and were forced to retreat afoot,

Several Crows who had bridles on their horses
turned and followed the rest on horseback., and
our men wanted to chase them; but our chief said
that we had had enough bloodshed and he ordered
them to keep with the band.

When the excitement was over three Crows were
lying dead upon the cut-bank, and trails of
blood told that many others had been hit* We
rounded up all of their abandoned horses, and we
now had more horses than we had before the
Crows raided us,

The bullet which had struck White Dog in the
chest had only bruised his skin—it had struck his